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Law Beckham

Expert lawyers in the special Beckham Law regime.


What is known as the Beckham Law is applicable both in the Basque Country and in the rest of Spain.


Assessment and analysis of the application of the tax regime for foreign or national workers posted to Bizkaia-Vizcaya, Gipuzkoa-Guipuzcoa or Araba-Álava based on the activities included in each of the Foral Treasurys


Application and application of the impatriate regime in the taxpayer’s personal income tax


Maximization of deductible expenses in this special regime


Comparative analysis of the application of this regime in the Basque Country or in the AEAT

How can ExpatEasy, through its specialized lawyers, facilitate your access to the Beckham law regime?

At ExpatEasy, our lawyers specialized in the Beckham law regime not only guide you through the application process, but also provide you with comprehensive advice and ongoing monitoring to maintain your status under this regime. We understand that the Beckham law is more than a simple tax benefit, it is a strategic opportunity for professionals and companies seeking to internationalize.

Our team will provide you with a detailed analysis of how this regime can favorably impact your tax situation and that of your company. We consider factors such as the international implications of your taxation, investment planning in Spain and the tax optimization of your global income.

In addition, we advise you on how to keep up to date with legislative changes and ensure that all tax obligations are met efficiently.

In cases of doubts or disputes with the tax authority, our lawyers are prepared to represent you and defend your rights. Our experience in tax negotiations and procedures ensures that your case is handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

At ExpatEasy, we are committed to offering you a personalized experience, ensuring that your transition to life and work in Spain is as smooth and beneficial as possible. With us, you will get not only legal service, but a strategic partner on your journey to international success.

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