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This residence card (TRCU) grants five years to the non European family member of the European citizen so that he/she can live, work as an employee or self-employed or study for the next 5 years from the moment it is granted, under the same conditions as a Spanish citizen, in this case of the Basque Autonomous Community.

The family member / holder who gives the right of residence to his/her family member can be (i) employed, (ii) self-employed, (iii) not working but proving that he/she has sufficient means to live.

Students can also benefit their family with these cards.

Family members who can benefit from this residence card are:

  • Spouse.
  • Partner with whom he/she maintains a union analogous to the conjugal union and registered in a public register established in a Member State of the Union, or in a State party to the European Economic Area.
  • Direct child of the citizen of the Union or of his/her spouse or partner, under twenty-one years of age, or older than this age who lives under his/her charge, or incapable.
  • Direct ascendant of the citizen of the Union or of his/her spouse or registered partner who lives under his/her charge.
  • Any member of the family that in the country of origin are dependent of the citizen of the Union.
  • Any member of the family that in the country of origin lives with the citizen of the Union. It will be considered accredited if a continuous cohabitation of 24 months is demonstrated.
  • Any member of the family, that for serious reasons of health or disability it is strictly necessary that the citizen of the Union takes charge of the personal care.
  • Unregistered unmarried partner with whom he/she has a stable relationship duly proven by proving the existence of a lasting bond. In any case it will be understood the existence of this bond if a time of marital cohabitation of at least one continuous year is accredited, unless they have children in common, in which case the accreditation of stable cohabitation duly proven will be sufficient. 

In any of these cases it is assumed that the marital ties are in force or the registration of the couple has not been cancelled.

The Law establishes a legal maximum of 90 days to issue a resolution from the time of application. In our experience these are the times that actual filings are taking. 

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Usual timetable 

We distinguish here between the case in which the person is already married abroad and the case in which he/she marries or registers his/her domestic partner in the registry of the Basque Autonomous Community.

American citizen married in the United States to Basque citizen

Presentation exp.Resolution exp.Fingerprinting app.Card collection
Time to obtain resolution: 2 months 
Total time to obtain card: 4 months

Canadian citizen in common-law relationship in Bilbao with Basque citizen

Presentation PdHResolution Pdh


Presentation exp.Resolution exp.Fingerprint appointCard collection
Time to obtain domestic partnership: 2 weeks
Time to obtain the resolution: 2 months and 15 days
Total time to obtain the card: 5 monthsmeses

Finally, it is necessary to remember that the registration of the Domestic Partnership in the Basque Country has some special characteristics. One of the members of the couple must have Basque citizenship or have been registered for at least 10 years in the Basque Country. 

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