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How do I manage my NIE in Bilbao?
What are the steps for a digital visa?
How do I apply for the Beckham Law?
What are the requirements for the Beckham Law?
Can I apply for an arraigo for training purposes? Social arraigo?
How do I become self-employed?
How do I file my taxes? Do I have to pay IRPF or IRNR?

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  • I recently used Expat Easy for my immigration needs and was impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise of Gloria!! She provided clear and concise guidance and I felt... read more

    Karoline Michell Avatar Karoline Michell
    20 de February de 2023

    Gloria is a true expert and professional. She supported me under all the aspects related to taxation and beyond during the relocation process. She provides clear guidelines and actions on... read more

    Brando Rossi Avatar Brando Rossi
    20 de February de 2023

    Excellent experience - we needed help submitting a residency application on *very* short notice (1 week!) and Gloria got the job done! She is knowledgeable, responsive, and straightforward. She answered... read more

    Dan Robson Avatar Dan Robson
    20 de January de 2023

    Gloria is an amazing lawyer that helped me a lot with my student visa. She managed to get my DNI in 3-5 months period.There are no words to express how... read more

    Shlomo Yussupov Avatar Shlomo Yussupov
    20 de January de 2023
  • Gloria gave me service in the Fall 2022 during my TIE renewal. She has been very supportive since the beginning of the process until the end, she supported me. Gloria... read more

    Zeynep Dinçer Avatar Zeynep Dinçer
    20 de December de 2022

    After couple of minutes talking to Gloria and you will realise you won't need another lawyer...EVER! She is very professional , knowlegable and passionate about her job. She will listen... read more

    sirjacob81 Avatar sirjacob81
    20 de December de 2022

    I contacted Gloria with a number of questions regarding my current and future residency status, she was super attentive and we worked out a time to meet promptly. When we... read more

    Pilar Puyana Avatar Pilar Puyana
    20 de November de 2022

    The Best lawyer on the world! Gloria is very professional, always ready to help and at same time she is very nice and smiling. Visiting offices with Gloria is pure... read more

    Kacper Krzymowski Avatar Kacper Krzymowski
    20 de November de 2022
  • We´ve been working with Gloria for about 5 months now. We came back from the US after 10 years living abroad and while the transition is not easy at all,... read more

    pilu sanchez Avatar pilu sanchez
    20 de September de 2022

    We used the services of Gloria to assist in buying a property in the local area. As an expat, it was very confusing to try and work out all the... read more

    Craig Ward Avatar Craig Ward
    20 de July de 2022

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What is the procedure for hiring foreigners in the Basque Country?

What is the procedure for hiring foreigners in the Basque Country?

The initial authorization to work as an employee allows you to work legally in the Basque Country in different jobs such as maintenance technicians, specialized waiters, English teachers or sailors. Once the certification of insufficient applicants has been obtained...

How to hire foreigners in the Basque Country?

How to hire foreigners in the Basque Country?

How can I hire a foreign person in Euskadi is a frequent question for employers who nowadays suffer a lack of labor in sectors such as hotel, maritime, mechanics.  In Euskadi we need to hire sailors, baristas, experienced waiters, machinery maintenance...