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We successfully manage residence and work authorizations, their renewals, study authorizations, entrepreneur authorizations, Law 14/2013, highly qualified workers, digital nomads and remote workers.
We obtain visas for entrepreneurs and investors.
We process your Beckhams law with 100% success in Euskadi or other provinces. We do your income tax or non-resident tax.
We help startups hire foreigners, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, training roots and other types of social and work roots.



Special permits under Law 14/2013 on internationalization.

Immigration procedures for non-EU citizens

Immigration procedures for EU citizens


Young professionals and students

Appeals and legal assistance


Personal Income Tax (IRPF)

Income tax for non-residents (IRNR)

Special regime for posted workers

RETA registration. Self-employed and trading companies

Other communications with the Treasury and Social Security

International tax planning and optimization


How do I manage my NIE in Bilbao?
What are the steps for a digital visa?
How do I apply for the Beckham Law?
What are the requirements for the Beckham Law?
Can I apply for an arraigo for training purposes? Social arraigo?
How do I become self-employed?
How do I file my taxes? Do I have to pay IRPF or IRNR?

We speak English. On parle français.

  • Gloria goes above and beyond. She speaks perfect English, and made my move here very easy. Specifically she was an expert in taxes in Basque Country for foreigners and helped... read more

    VeryVienna Avatar VeryVienna
    23 de January de 2024

    She is someone i could recommend anytime to any one for she is very reliable and patient to listen and make sure she help you get solution to what ever... read more

    John p Hylton Avatar John p Hylton
    16 de January de 2024

    Clear, concise and friendly service.

    Bryan Rodriguez Avatar Bryan Rodriguez
    6 de January de 2024

    Muy rápido los procesos y la atención Mi a gustado los servicios

    Kwabena Mensah Avatar Kwabena Mensah
    6 de January de 2024
  • Excelente servicio. Super linda y super comprensiva. Recomendadisimo

    Alvaro Perez Campos Avatar Alvaro Perez Campos
    6 de December de 2023

    Gloria helped me in renew my NLV and TIE card she is very professional and I highly recommended her

    Shaker Alashhab Avatar Shaker Alashhab
    6 de December de 2023

    Very clear, concise and professional. Usually I get nervous around lawyers and law stuff, but Gloria put me at ease with her clear and warm response.

    sneha raman Avatar sneha raman
    6 de October de 2023

    Gloria has been very honest and professional with me since the very beginning. Thank you for your consulting help!

    Natalia Romankevich Avatar Natalia Romankevich
    6 de September de 2023
  • I made some mistakes while filing my tax return in Spain. With Gloria's assistance, I appealed against these mistakes, resulting in the correction of my tax returns. In the end,... read more

    Serkan Sahin Avatar Serkan Sahin
    6 de August de 2023

    I plan to apply for student visa along with my family, since I haven't no idea how to work with the immigration, I called Gloria for help. she is very... read more

    Azzura Lina Avatar Azzura Lina
    6 de August de 2023

    Gloria handled my visa application from start to finish. She helped me understand all my options. She was friendly, thorough and flexible. She eased my mind trough the whole process,... read more

    Luis Armstrong Avatar Luis Armstrong
    6 de July de 2023

    Highly recommend working with Gloria 🙂 I had approached Gloria to help me with solving my residence and work permit in Spain. She offered me good advice and solutions... read more

    Samyukta Chillara Avatar Samyukta Chillara
    6 de June de 2023
  • Hi was a pleasure working with Gloria. I booked a digital nomad visa consultation with her and she told me all the required information specifically for my case. She also... read more

    Aleksey Knyazev Avatar Aleksey Knyazev
    6 de June de 2023

    Gloria was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all my doubts/questions and guided me in the right direction. I will definitely use her services again, she is amazing! Thanks for... read more

    6 de June de 2023

    Dedicado y profesionalidad. Rapidez y eficiencia. Un gran persona con mucho talento y respeto , transmite confianza y empatia . Excelente trabajo. Soy muy contento con las resultados .... read more

    abdel haron Avatar abdel haron
    6 de May de 2023

    I had a meeting with Gloria about a problem with renewing my TIE here in Bilbao. She was very knowledgeable about my situation and helped me feel confident in my... read more

    Regan Fleming Avatar Regan Fleming
    6 de May de 2023

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How to hire foreigners in the Basque Country?

How to hire foreigners in the Basque Country?

How can I hire a foreign person in Euskadi is a frequent question for employers who nowadays suffer a lack of labor in sectors such as hotel, maritime, mechanics.  In Euskadi we need to hire sailors, baristas, experienced waiters, machinery maintenance...